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There are a lot of things in my life I can't control: the rising cost of my rent, the non-existent inventory of the real estate market, and the fact that pretty soon my kitchen is going to ripped up and renovated. Oh, and the fact that Stranger Things only has one season left. And that Elton John just retired from touring (sigh). 

That's why I got back into working out regularly. When all else fails, just pick up the weights, my friends! 

It's not that I consider myself a control freak (except when cheese and wine is involved; then I lose all control) but because it does create an area of my life where at least I know if I put the work into it, I can shape the outcome—literally. And somehow, that makes dealing with everything a little easier. 

Just as a cook knows combining the right ingredients and heating them at the right temperature will create a delicious meal, I know that if I lift weights, and do stomach crunches, and walk, and stretch, and dance/jump around, chances are I'm going to feel stronger and perhaps lose a few pounds. Particularly if I stay consistent with it and don't undo my efforts by eating an entire bag of chips in one sitting. 

When I was in my 20s, 30s, and 40s I was usually able to get in three hour-long workouts a week. It was easier back then living with my mom, as I had more time to exercise because there were two people cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. 

But now, living on my own, I will admit it's a challenge to make time for moving. I try to meal prep on Sundays so I can just heat up the leftovers throughout the course of the week and have more time to work out. 

I also like to take a walk during the second half of my lunch hour, after I've eaten. I stick in my earbuds, fire up Spotify, and walk it off for 30 minutes. 

Benefits of Exercise for Menopause

For menopausal women, exercise is important. We lose bone density as we age and lifting weights can help counteract some of that loss. I'm not talking about competing in a strongwoman event; my heaviest hand weights at the moment are five pounds each and I also use what's called a body bar (like a lightweight dumbbell.) 

The Mayo Clinic also claims that exercise can lower our cancer risk, improve stability, and help prevent weight gain. As I'm sure you know, the latter gets tougher as we age because our metabolism slows down. 

And just as importantly, regular exercise can boost our mood. I remember years ago going to a job hunting evening at my alma mater and an older alumni told us young 'uns at his table that finding time to exercise would help stave off getting down about the job search. He was right. 

Besides, who wouldn't want to be able to bring all of their groceries up to the second floor without having to make a second trip? That's my fitness goal, anyway.

Stay flashy, my friends! 

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